Monday, 1 January 2018

The Saints' Everlasting Rest

Richard Baxter speaking of believers always meditating upon their heavenly destination in God's presence (its so hard to pick only a few quotes...):
“there never was a soul that made Christ and glory the principal end, nor that obtained rest with God, whose desire was not set upon him, and that above all things else in the world whatsoever. Christ brings the heart to heaven first, and then the person….” (36).  
 “This is a life of desire and prayer; but that is a life of satisfaction and enjoyment….Oh! that sinners would also consider that seeing God will not give them a felicity suitable to their sensual desires; it is therefore their wisdom to endeavor for desires suitable to the true felicity, and to direct their ship to the right harbor, seeing they cannot bring the harbor to their ship” (73). 
“If thy meditation tends to fill they note-book with notions and good sayings concerning God, and not thy heart with longings after him, and delight in him, for aught I know they book is as much a Christian as thou” (143).
                                 - Richard Baxter, The Saints' Everlasting Rest 

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