Monday, 30 October 2017

Thoughts toward Christian unity...

From Thomas A Kempis, The Imitation of Christ:

"We gladly do the things we enjoy, and keep company with the like-minded; but, if Christ is to live among us, we must sometimes surrender our own opinions for the sake of peace.  No one is wise enough to know everything.  So do not have confidence in your own views, but listen to the ideas of others.  If your opinion is right but you surrender it for the love of God and follow another, you will win great merit.  I have often heard that it is better to accept advice than to give it.  It may be that two opinions are equally good but it is a sign of pride and obstinacy to refuse to come to an agreement with others when it is required."
                                                                           - Book 1, Ch. 9

"Judge yourself, but avoid passing judgement on others.  In judging others, we spend our energy to no good purpose.  We are often mistaken and so we sin; but it is a beneficial exercise to examine ourselves.  Frequently, our personal feelings influence our judgment, and if we are encouraged by personal motives it may become a false judgement.  If God were the only and constant object of our desires, we would not be so upset when our own opinions are rejected."

                                                                            - Book 1, Ch. 14

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