Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Helpful thoughts on Church Discipline & the Worship Industry

Here is some clear thinking on a couple of controversial topics in the church today that shouldn't be controversial topics in the church today:  Church Discipline & Worship Music. 

Over at Crossway blog is this very helpful post about the practice of church discipline.  This is not an in depth "how to" or an exploration of the relevant biblical passages but it is exactly what it says in the title: 10 things you should know about church discipline.  There are other good resources out there on the biblical basis for and instructions about how to implement church discipline.  However, to get people thinking about this often neglected and often misapplied practice, this is a great place to start.

AND in other news...

I don't know much about Jonathan Aigner.  I have only come across him recently.  I've read a couple of posts of his over the last few weeks, particularly about the corporate nature of the worship service and the sung worship of the church.  For the most part I have agreed very much with what I've read from him thus far - posts like this one on 10 hymns we should stop singing (which, in the main, I agree with...possible exception of Beethoven, though even that critique has much merit).  This post on why we should boycott the worship music industry I admit that I heartily agree with.  Amen and amen.  I'll probably be reading him more in future. 

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