Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Planned Parenthood baby body part trade Part 2

There has been another video released showing another conversation with a high level official and doctor with Planned Parenthood discussing the market for "tissue" from abortions.  By tissue, they mean intact  organs, legs, arms, heads, and other body parts.  PP maintains that they are doing this not for profit - nominal fees intended to recover costs with maybe a bit extra, you know, for the time and effort, the extra trouble they have to go to to ensure that they not damage the body parts that they buyers are looking for.  And again, PP says they do this strictly for the benefits of scientific and medical advancement and that the way they do it is all legal.  The legality is certainly one of the issues currently up for debate, but the bigger issue is not the legality according to federal and state laws but rather where this stands according to God's law.  Of course the murder of humans is against God's law whether those humans are inside of the womb or outside.  They are made in the image of God with the inherent dignity that entails.

You can find the second video here at Doug Wilson's blog.  Again, it is not for the faint of heart, but if you are a Christian you better be serious about seeing the practice of government-funded abortion end, and therefore you better not be faint of heart.  And if you missed the first such video, you can see it here along with some thoughtful exhortation.

Kevin DeYoung has some further good thoughts about the abortion battle in light of the current controversy here.

Al Mohler adds his voice here and Russell Moore here and here.

BUT, if you only read one opinion piece on this whole issue, whether you are already convinced abortion is evil or you are as yet undecided, you really ought to read Rosaria Butterfield's thoughts in her article I Thought Planned Parenthood Protected Family Values.  

This issue is bigger than the US.  Planned Parenthood operates in Canada as well, and often not under that name.  And this issue is bigger than PP since many abortions happen in other clinics and in government funded hospitals.  Pray that these recent revelations about the baby body part trade cause many in our culture to wake up and see the abortion industry for what it is - mass murder on a colossal scale (even when there is no harvesting of baby body parts).  And pray that all who are not already aroused to this cause in the church would wake up and pray for the end of abortion.  Also, pray for and work toward the care of those who currently don't see any other option and declare the forgiveness and love in Christ available for those who now regret their past choices to have abortions.  And as many are doing in the US, consider telling your elected officials that you are absolutely opposed to this practice and that you are dead set against any of your tax dollars supporting this type of thing in Canada.

Father, forgive us our tresspasses.  Lead us not into temptation.  Deliver us from evil. 

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