Thursday, 16 July 2015

Planned Parenthood and the baby body part trade

This post links to some pretty disturbing material, but if you care about the fight to end abortion this is a pretty significant breaking story. 

Douglas Wilson has posted on a recent video which was released showing a doctor very high up in the Planned Parenthood organization discussing the trade in baby organs and body parts, harvested, stored, sold and shipped from their clinics (at least in the US).  I consider Doug to be a very reliable source, but I know that there are very credible seeming things on the interweb that sometimes turn out to be a hoax.  I looked into this story on Snopes and there is quite extensive discussion of the story including official and direct statements from both PP and the makers of the video.  Snopes currently has this classified as "Undetermined" and the issue that doesn't seem to be clear is if the PP clinics are harvesting and selling baby body parts legally (because the mothers have signed a donation form to allow their baby's body parts to be sold and used for research, etc.) or illegally.

However, whether this is being done legally or illegally (contrary to US gov't laws that allow only certain practices regarding the retention and use of the body parts of aborted babies), we need to stop and ask our selves what kind of a society do we live in where the mass murder of babies has become an industry and where a private, for profit, organization like Planned Parenthood can mislead women, kill children, and further profit by selling the body parts of the dead babies.  And we also need to not be hoodwinked by the debate over whether this body part trade is operating fully legally or if it is in contravention of law.  The fact is it is pretty disgusting that it is happening at all.  No matter what the laws of the land are, according to God's law taking human life is wicked and trading in persons as though they were commodities is an abomination.

I encourage you to read Wilson's post here.  Be warned, the conversation in the embedded video link is not for the faint of heart, made all the worse by the casual manner of the doctor.  Part of the power of the pro-abortion/pro-choice lobby is their success in hiding what actually goes on in abortion procedures and their white-washing of the industry as if it were a highly regulated aspect of routine medical care.  This type of story really puts the lie to that rhetoric.  May God have mercy on our culture.

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