Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Quotes from some recent reading...

...of dead German theologians.

"Those who regard themselves as holy love God with a concupiscent love, i.e., for the sake of their salvation and eternal rest and in order to avoid hell, and thus not for God's sake but for their own." 

"God saves none but sinners, instructs none but the foolish and stupid, enriches none but paupers, gives life to none but the dead."

                                                                   - Martin Luther

"If a person really asks himself what he is looking for when he reads the Gospels, he will admit to himself, 'I am not seeking someone like myself, but rather my opposite, my fulfillment, my Savior."

"...the reason we commune with the Jesus of our Gospels is because it is through them that we learn to know that same Jesus whom, with the eyes of faith and in our prayers, we meet at the right hand of God, because we know, with Luther, that God cannot be found except in his beloved Son, because he is God's revelation to us, or, more accurately and specifically, because he who once walked on earth and now is exalted is the incarnate Word of God, the image of the invisible God - because he is for us God revealed."

                                                                   -  Martin Kahler

"In the gospel, anyone who encounters Christ is impelled either to worship him or pick up stones with which to stone him.  Evidently, the gospel does not foresee any other kind of response."
                                                                   -  Hans Urs von Balthasar

"For modern man the problem of the possibility of divine revelation is scientific and epistemological; for the Old and New Testaments, however, it is moral and religious."

"The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead is the key to the whole reality and perceptibility of salvation history."

                                                                  -  Klaus Bockmuehl

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