Monday, 29 February 2016

3 years of unabashedly uneven blogging...

It was roughly 3 years ago I decided to start a blog (Feb. 16, 2013), and I've blogged unevenly ever since.  Some posts are about current issues facing the church today, some about things I'm reading, some about things I've preached or studied, some just pointing to other people's thoughts that I appreciate.  I certainly don't (and can't) keep up with the pace of things worth blogging about.  Hopefully people have explored some of the more prolific bloggers in the links I've provided (not all of which I agree with, by the way - should go without saying but I just said it anyway). 

Some posts are longer and more reflective than others.  For me, this has been a function of the time it takes to blog thoughtfully and the amount of time I have to do it.  I am committed to not allow blogging to take time away from family, work or church commitments....and yes, that is why my blogging is often sporadic and uneven in quality of depth.  Oh well.  I've always had the itch to write and I really wanted a venue to practice the craft.  For those who've been reading, I really hope some of what you've read has been beneficial for you. 

I plan to post some of the many book reviews I've written over the years and that can currently be found on Goodreads or Amazon.  They are also uneven in length and depth but hopefully they will be helpful.

Thanks for reading.

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