Sunday, 24 May 2015

Getting all Puritanical

Doug Wilson has a great reminder of the biblical calling of husbands and fathers over at Desiring God.  He points us to the Puritans not as people to idolize but rather to imitate, especially in the functioning of their households. 

Many since their time have disparaged the Puritans - the word "Puritanical" is not a compliment, after all.  However, while not perfect, they were far more biblical than many generations or movements within the church either before or after their time. Much of the good they did and the legacy they left continues to bear fruit, although the church of today has left the orchard in a terrible state of neglect and far over run with weeds and thorns and more than a few goats.  Here's to hoping and praying that the men of the church today recover something of what the Puritans lived out in their marriages, families and homes.  And I pray that this spreads to influence the surrounding culture the way it did in the time of the Puritans.

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