Monday, 30 September 2013

Desiring God and Appreciating C.S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis is my favourite author, so I always get excited when other people who love Lewis get together to delve into, discuss, appreciate and elucidate him and his works.  Desiring God has just completed a conference on C.S. Lewis and has the videos posted on their site here.  Of the individual talks, I've only watched about 15 minutes of Nate Wilson's talk thus far (which was quite good), but I just watched the entirety of the panel discussion with John Piper, Phil Ryken, Doug Wilson, Kevin Vanhoozer, Randy Alcorn, and hosted by David Mathis.  Other than Mathis, I've read multiple works by each of the speakers and have benefited from each one through their own literary ministry and would commend them as well, especially Piper, Wilson and Vanhoozer.  I have already heard Wilson and Piper quite a bit on their appreciation of Lewis (they were both very good again) so perhaps most enjoyable for me was to hear a first rate theologian and hermeneutics scholar like Vanhoozer discuss his appreciation for Lewis. 

All in all, a lovely way to end a wonderful day of rest, sitting down to watch five very different and very capable authors, pastors, theologians and professors, appreciate the one author who I've appreciated more than any other.  If you are already a Lewis aficionado, this will be sweet.  If you are not, I hope you catch a vision for just how important Lewis was and is, and I hope your interest is peaked enough for you to pick up something by him and start down a road that many have trod before, to our eternal benefit and very great joy.  If you haven't read Lewis, I would suggest beginning with the Chronicles of Narnia (LWW first, of course!), The Screwtape Letters, the Space Trilogy, or some of his short essays on tantalizing topics from God in the Dock

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